Through a freak of last minute scheduling, I ended up going on two separates ‘dates’ today.

Now, I don’t date much (or at all, really), but even I get that doubling up like that is tacky. That said, the ‘dates’ have the quote marks for a reason. I’m trying the whole online dating thing, and both of them were let’s-meet-in-person-for-the-first-time kind of dates. There couldn’t possibly be any kind of expectation, from anyone involved, so I decided I could live with the tacky.

Both went reasonably well, though I have to say I did find myself repeating certain stories and explanations. I do have a preference of one over the other, and I’m cautiously optimistic in terms of trying a second date. Without the quote marks this time. I haven’t had a lot of luck with this in the past (my last two such encounters went well on the day and then I never heard from them again), but as I said, I don’t date much. There are things I’m learning now in terms of… let’s call it post-date protocol, that most people learned in high school. But, better late than never.


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