I passed 5,000 words on my story today. I’m guessing I’m about a third of the way done, but this one is a slippery bastard. Every time I think I understand what it is, it turns out I’m wrong.

The story has developed in almost pod-like scenes, and it’s very possible not all of those scenes will make it into the final draft. I’m also working in three different time periods, and I’ve found I have to write it in chronological order. I can’t write the present-day scenes until I’ve written the backstory scenes, but it’s the present-day scenes that will dictate the shape of the story as a whole. It has all become unnecessarily complicated, and I’m not entirely sure how I’ve done this to myself.

Today has been a good day, writing-wise, though. I’ve spent most of the day with my laptop, and while there has been a lot of procrastination going on – and a load of laundry – I also just keep coming back to the story. When I feel blocked, I’ve been telling myself, just write the shitty version. Just get the idea down, and you can always clean it up later. And, eventually, just the act of plugging away at it has meant for the most part, the version isn’t as shitty as I feared. It’s slow going – I’ve done about 650 words today in total – but it’s progress.


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