Useful Tools – tracking spreadsheet

I have a new toy! It’s a word count tracking spreadsheet built by novelist Daryl Gregory and lovingly titled ‘The Spreadsheet of Shame.’

Tobias Buckell re-tweeted the link to the original post, which is how I stumbled across it. Mr. Gregory has very generously made the spreadsheet available to download from his website (for free). I read the blog and got curious, so I downloaded it, just intending to tinker. But I’ve found it’s kind of like an advent calendar for writers. I look forward to putting my word count in at the end of the day. And it has helped encourage me to write every day, so I have something to fill in. Even if I only manage 66 words.

You can set your own target word count as well as daily goals. It will calculate weekly totals and percentage complete, among other things. It’s not rocket science, but all the excel fields are pre-programmed, which makes it really simple to use. It also has graphing functions already set up, so you can see your progress in pictures. And Mr. Gregory provides simple, clear instructions on the website for how to input your own specific information.


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