Taking up the challenge

At his website, author Chuck Wendig issues a weekly flash fiction challenge. He’ll give a topic or a structure or a prompt, and the challenge is to write a 1000-word flash fiction piece within a week.

I came across this last Friday, when I was flagellating myself over a missed deadline. I thought a no-pressure challenge would be good for me, and 1000 words isn’t much. This week, Mr. Wendig gave ten random words and the challenge was to use five of them in the story.

It turns out the challenge was good for me. I came up with a story, worked out a plot, and wrote the whole thing. I actually finished it. I am inordinately proud of myself. I never finish anything. Except now I can’t say that anymore.

The last part of the challenge is to post your story on your own site and link to it in the comments at the challenge. I’m going to do that in a separate post shortly.

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