Is this writers’ block?

Today I’m struggling.

I’m struggling to find inspiration. I’m struggling with self-doubt.

I’m struggling with a brain that lies to me. When I have the meat of a scene and leap right in to see where it takes me, my brain tells me I can’t build the story around it, tells me I don’t know how and I never will. When I have an outline I’m happy with and all that’s left is the writing, my brain tells me I can’t craft scenes, I can’t harness emotion.

I’m struggling with rejection and the belief that I’m no good at this.

I’m struggling with a story that I’m growing to hate. And I’m struggling with the idea of giving it up, because real writers finish what they start.

It’s not always like this. But today I’m struggling.


2 thoughts on “Is this writers’ block?

  1. If you write, you’re a writer. And personally speaking, I don’t always finish what I start because some of it isn’t good enough to finish. Although it’s frustrating to realize a certain story isn’t working, I’m always glad I gave it a try. I tell myself I’ve learned something from it even if I’m not sure what it is.

    For me, working on more than one thing at a time gives some distance from something I’m starting to hate. I work on something else until I start to hate that. When I go back to the first thing, I can see with fresh eyes if it has potential or not.

    Hang in there.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I did need that tonight. And you’re right, I should take the outline itself as a success, since plotting is something I struggle with. I’ll put it on the shelf for a while, until it loses the stink of guilt that’s hanging on it at the moment from all the hours and days I’ve spent avoiding writing it.
      Thanks again!
      And I love that Snoopy cartoon. It captured my current frustration exactly! 🙂

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