Still writing…

My day job has segued into Lunacy: Part 2, and I’m back to working 60 hours a week. I’m reasonably proud, however, that I’ve still managed to write most of a short story. It’ll probably end up being 5,000-5,500 words long (I have about 4,600 words done), and I’m really pleased with what I’ve got so far. And tonight, after a week and half of procrastination, I finally sat down and powered through the chunk of story I was stuck on. I’ve got the climax done now, and it’s just clean-up and denouement to go. With any luck, I’ll be able to finish it by the end of the week.



I love the summertime.

I love the warm cross-breeze through my apartment when all the windows are open.

I love bare feet indoors and sandals outdoors.

I love not having to wear socks.

I love linen capri trousers and shoulders bare to the sun.

I love sunshine through dappled, leafy shade.

I love the sharp smell of rain on hot pavement.

I love the soft smell of growing things on the wind.

I love the freedom from layers and mittens and boots.

I love not having to brace myself to step outside.

I love the feeling of a summer breeze on sweat-damp skin.

I love sprawling across the bed in nothing but a bra and boxer shorts on a lazy afternoon.

I love walking down the beach with my feet in the water and the sun on my back.

I love the rumble of distant thunder and the rush of cool air ahead of a storm on a sweaty, sticky evening.

I love being able to sleep with the windows open.

After a long, brutal, exhausting winter, summer is finally on the way.