Surprises in the Tuileries

I walked through the Tuileries gardens twice this week – the first time as part of a tour with Victor, and the second time walking through on my way to somewhere else. The gardens surprised me both times.

When I was reminiscing with my dad about our visit to Paris when I was a child, he asked me if I remembered the merry-go-round near the Louvre. I had to admit I did not. And I really didn’t, right up until I saw not the merry-go-round itself, but a specific ostrich-shaped ‘horse’ on it. And then a dozen memories came flooding back. They were all snippets and impressions, too vague to explain, but I remember sitting on that ostrich. I remember riding that merry-go-round with my brother. It was the strangest feeling.

That ostrich was a part of the reason my friend Dario and I cut through the Tuileries that second time, just so I could see it again. I didn’t get a proper chance to stop and goggle at it while I was trying to keep up with the walking tour.



After paying my respects to the ostrich on that second visit, Dario and I wandered through the gardens, on our way to find something for lunch. And as we passed by one of the open spaces, we noticed a goat picketed in a grassy ditch. Dario’s first comment was, ‘Now I’m just waiting for the tyrannosaurus rex.’ Mine was, ‘well, it’s an efficient lawn mower at least.’

I have absolutely no idea while the goat was actually there. But it was definitely a surprise.


Art installation of dozens and dozens of wind chimes.

On our way out of the gardens, we passed a collection of dozens and dozens of wind chimes, all flickering and tinkling madly in the stiff breeze. It was loud, but magical too, and almost hypnotizing to look at.

Just another random art installation in the park. And no one has defaced it or broken it.

I love Paris.


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