Turkey, stuffing, and gravy challah buns

Some horrible dark December evening after having spent the day fighting crowds of Christmas shoppers, I sacked out on the couch in front of the TV. The gods must have been smiling, because channel surfing landed me with two hours of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood showing off their holiday baking specialties. And there is nothing more perfect than that to combat the horrible-dark-December-evening blues.

Now 90% of what they baked was made pretty much entirely of dried fruit, and I am not a fan of dried fruit, so it was fun to watch, but I wasn’t at all tempted to try it myself. And then Paul Hollywood broke out his Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry Chelsea buns.

Usually I’ll talk a good game about wanting to try things, but then laze out at the last minute, but yesterday I actually went through with it.

Well, mostly, anyway. I made some amendments to the recipe as I went along. Challah bread is a specialty of mine. I use the recipe from my bread-maker and have the machine do the kneading and rising, then I do the braiding and baking myself. So I made up a small batch of the challah dough instead of using Paul’s recipe.

Bread-maker challah

You can tell from the stains this is a well loved recipe.

I substituted gravy for the cranberry sauce – again, not a fan of fruit in my baked goods – and added some leftover mashed potato along with the shredded turkey and stuffing.

turkey and stuffing Chelsea buns

On tasting, it turned out I didn’t let them bake quite long enough, so they were a little doughy. Possibly because I used a glass baking tray instead of a thinner metal one? But still. Super tasty!

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