Getting crafty about procrastination

I started crocheting again.

This is a problem mainly because I really only have time for one hobby, and that hobby is supposed to be writing. But I went to visit some friends who live out in the country, and it’s a very craft-while-we-chat kind of vibe out there. And, well, having picked it up again, I’m having a really hard time putting it down.

Yes, I realise I sound like an addict. Shut up.

I was, at least, determined to be a responsible crafter. One project at a time. I’ve been working on what is apparently called a mandala. I keep joking it’s my Victorian sampler, because it’s got so many different kinds of stitches in it. I’ve actually had to learn a whole lot of new ones to get it made.

But then I ran out of wool. So I went into the big city wool store on Christmas Eve, so I could finish it over the holidays. They didn’t have the wool I needed. Nor did they have the wool I’d picked out for my next project. TWO AND A HALF HOURS of browsing later, I’d completely failed at finding wool appropriate for a third project I had in mind. Either the colour was right, but the weight was wrong, or the weight was right, but they didn’t have enough balls in the colour I wanted. Or it was just too goddamn expensive.

Twenty minutes before the store closed, frustrated and overwhelmed, I grabbed two skeins of wool just because I liked the colour and the name – Gypsi Soul. So now I’m in the middle of a project I never even planned for, just because I wanted something to work on over the holidays. Oops?

On the plus side, it’s very pretty.

Gypsi Soul