Another one for the collection

Last week I posted about Doing the To Dos, and I was pleased with myself for getting my butt in gear and submitting the stories I’d been meaning to submit.

One of the two I submitted last week, the story I wrote for a call on a specific topic (a topic on which I felt I had a lot to say) was rejected by form letter in eight days.


Not even a flicker of consideration there. And there’s not a lot of positive I can take away from this other than it’s practice at being rejected.

I will admit that I sulked for a couple of days.

But last night I sat down and started writing again. Well, world-building technically, but it all needs to be done before I can get to the meat of the story. So I’m staggering back up onto my feet.

Time to haul out the Tubthumping again, I guess.


Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

Today’s writing session is brought to you by the song Tubthumping. (Sorry about the earworm.) Also the letters S and H. (Because I grew up with Sesame Street. And also my mother’s obsession with figure skating.)

You get the official music video, because I couldn’t find Scott Hamilton’s victory lap to this song when he returned to figure skating after beating cancer.