Another one for the collection

Last week I posted about Doing the To Dos, and I was pleased with myself for getting my butt in gear and submitting the stories I’d been meaning to submit.

One of the two I submitted last week, the story I wrote for a call on a specific topic (a topic on which I felt I had a lot to say) was rejected by form letter in eight days.


Not even a flicker of consideration there. And there’s not a lot of positive I can take away from this other than it’s practice at being rejected.

I will admit that I sulked for a couple of days.

But last night I sat down and started writing again. Well, world-building technically, but it all needs to be done before I can get to the meat of the story. So I’m staggering back up onto my feet.

Time to haul out the Tubthumping again, I guess.


Adding to the collection

I heard back tonight from one of the magazines to which I submitted a story back in September. The answer was no, so I’m adding to my collection of rejections.

The email that I got was a form letter:

Thank you for your submission to [magazine]. I have given your work careful consideration and am unable to offer you publication. Best wishes with your writing.

That said, what I’m choosing to take away from this is that it came from an editor, so I seem to have made it past the first-reader stage. That’s a first for me, so I’m calling it a win. I may even celebrate.

This weekend, I’ll dust off the story, see if there’s anything I can improve, and then find somewhere new to send it.