It’s like pulling teeth with this one.

With my current story, I’m writing from an outline for the first time. Before I started writing, I sat down and charted out all the scenes, and what information needed to come across in each one. (The ending is still a little vague, which I suspect will cause some honking problems later on, but I hope to nail that down as I get to know the story better.)

I thought that having an outline to work with would speed the process up once I sat down to write. But, oh. dear. god. I’ve written less than 500 words in three days. And those 500 words have been slow and awkward and painful. I started my taxes today to avoid sitting down to write.


I suspect I may need to skip past the first scene and go on to the next one. When I wrote essays in school, I used to do the introduction last, once I knew the shape of the essay and what it was I was introducing. I wonder if this is something similar. I may need to know where this story ends before I know how it begins.

Or, I may need to go back to the drawing board and spend some more time getting to know the characters.